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Epicor IDC Update – Mosaic’s Customer Upgrade Process


This article provides a detailed outline of Mosaic’s upgrade process to ensure a seamless transition for our valued customers. For upgrade scheduling and inquiries, please refer to the “Contact Information” section below.

Upgrade Process

Customer IT Team Actions

  1. Full Application Server and Database Backups
    • It is highly recommended that your IT team conducts a full backup of the Application Server and Database before the scheduled upgrade.
  2. Server Access Assistance
    • Your assistance in providing server access may be required.

Mosaic Actions

  1. Epicor IDC Application Services Offline
    • The Epicor IDC Application Services will be temporarily taken offline.
  2. Downtime Expectation
    • Anticipate approximately two hours of downtime. Please note that this is an estimated duration and may vary.
  3. Update Execution
    • The update will be executed during this period.
  4. System Verification
    • We’ll ensure that all services and web services are operational and performing as intended.
  5. Notification of Completion
    • Once the update and verification steps have been successfully completed, we will promptly notify you.

Availability for Upgrades

  • Mon-Fri 8am-5pm EST
    • Standard upgrades are performed at no charge for customers with a current SoftCare Agreement.
  • After-hours/Weekends
    • Upgrades outside of regular hours will incur a nominal rate of $95.00/Hr. This represents the difference between our standard hourly service rate ($190) and after-hours rate ($285). Please note that these rates are subject to change. Upgrades typically require two hours or less.

Contact Information

For upgrade scheduling, questions, or concerns regarding this process, please reach out to Mosaic Support through the following channels:

Note: The information provided in this document is subject to change.

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