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Locating Epicor IDC Log Files

Epicor IDC is a powerful software that streamlines business processes and enhances efficiency. Accessing log files is essential for troubleshooting and monitoring the software’s performance. This knowledge base article provides information on locating IDC log files on locally hosted systems.

Locating IDC Log Files:

1. Local User Account Log Path:

  • On your locally hosted system, navigate to the following directory: C:\Users\<UserID>\AppData\Local\Epicor IDCReplace <UserID> with the actual username of the IDC service. This path stores the log files pertinent to the IDC software.

2. Alternative Log Path for 32-bit Systems:

  • For systems with a 32-bit architecture, the log files can also be found at: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Epicor IDC This path contains the log files related to the Epicor IDC software as well.

Visual Reference:

Conclusion: Accessing IDC log files is essential for diagnosing issues and ensuring smooth operation of the Epicor IDC software. By following the provided paths, you can conveniently locate the log files and gain insights into the software’s performance and any potential concerns. Effective log file management contributes to maintaining a robust and efficient IDC system.

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