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How to Remove Specific Training Data and Re-Train Documents in v7

This knowledge base article outlines the process of removing specific training data and re-training documents in v7 of the system. Following these steps will help you effectively reset training data for improved accuracy and document recognition.

Step-by-Step Guide:

How to Remove Specific Training Data and Re-Train Documents in v7

1. Capture Batch ID:

  • Import a single invoice into the system.
  • In Data Verify, note the Batch ID from the batch selection screen.

2. Prepare for Reset:

  • Ensure all instances of both the Desktop Verify Client and Web Verify Client are closed.
  • Log out all users, specifically those with EditRegionTemplates permissions.

3. SQL Query Execution:

  • Open your SQL client.
  • Execute the following query to obtain the Region Template ID associated with the captured Batch ID:

SELECT P.RegionTemplateID
FROM Batch B
JOIN Document D on B.id=D.BatchID
JOIN Page P on D.ID=P.DocumentID
WHERE B.id=’PasteBatchID’

4. Update Page Records:

  • Using the Region Template ID obtained in the previous step, run the following query to update Page records:

SET RegionTemplateID = NULL
WHERE RegionTemplateID = ‘PasteValueHere’

5. Delete Region Template:

  • Still using the Region Template ID, execute the query below to delete the specific Region Template:

DELETE FROM RegionTemplate
WHERE ID = ‘PasteValueHere’


By following these steps, you can effectively remove specific training data and re-train documents in v7. This process is crucial for maintaining accuracy and enhancing document recognition within your system. Always exercise caution when performing SQL queries, and ensure you have a backup before making any changes.

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