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Epicor ECM (DocStar) v23.1 Installation: Reindexing Procedure


Please read and follow the below information VERY CAREFULLY. Failure to follow this may result in your system being DOWN and could take hours to days to resume normal operations!

ECM (DocStar) Version 23.1 includes Solr version 9.0, which improves performance and security. However, this version of Solr is not compatible with indices created with Solr version 7, which was used in ECM (DocStar) version 20.1 and prior. On systems with a Solr 7 index, it is necessary to delete and reindex before installing 23.1.

How to determine if I need to reindex?

  • If your ECM (DocStar) version is 20.1 or older, you’ll need to upgrade to 22.2 first and then reindex.
  • If your ECM (DocStar) version is 20.2 or later, check your Admin/Index page to determine your index Schema Version.
  • If the Schema Version begins with 8, reindex is not necessary.
  • If it begins with 4 or is not reported, you must reindex before upgrading. You should upgrade to 22.2 first if you’re on a prior version.

How do I reindex?

Reindexing can take several hours or several days depending on the size of your index, so the first thing to do is plan a time when your system can be inaccessible.

Delete and Re-Index may be executed from the Index Administrator page, as pictured above. It is recommended that you contact Technical Support for assistance.

What if I’m in “Legacy Solr Mode”?

Legacy Solr systems are not affected, but reindexing after upgrading to 23.1 is recommended.

Note: This article provides crucial information for customers installing ECM (DocStar) v23.1. Please follow the instructions meticulously to ensure a smooth transition to the new version. For further assistance or clarification, do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support.

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