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Generating Exported User List with Last Login Details in Epicor ECM


In Epicor ECM (Enterprise Content Management), administrators often need to manage user accounts and monitor user activity, including tracking the last login details of users. One effective way to achieve this is by generating an exported user list with last login details. This knowledgebase article provides a script that facilitates this task by extracting user information along with their respective last login timestamps.

Script Overview:

The provided script utilizes SQL queries to retrieve relevant data from the Epicor ECM database. It involves joining the “User” and “Membership” tables to fetch user details and their corresponding last login timestamps.


SELECT m.LastLogon, u.*
FROM [User] u
JOIN [Membership] m ON m.UserId = u.Id
ORDER BY m.LastLogon, u.Username;


SELECT Clause:

    • The SELECT clause specifies the columns to be included in the output. In this script, we select the “LastLogon” column from the “Membership” table along with all columns (*) from the “User” table.

    FROM Clause:

      • The FROM clause identifies the tables involved in the query. Here, we specify the “User” table as u and the “Membership” table as m.

      JOIN Clause:

        • The JOIN clause establishes a relationship between the “User” and “Membership” tables based on the common field UserId = Id.

        ORDER BY Clause:

          • The ORDER BY clause sorts the result set. In this script, the data is sorted first by the “LastLogon” column in ascending order (m.LastLogon), and then by the “Username” column in ascending order (u.Username).


          1. Execute the provided SQL script in the Epicor ECM database environment.
          2. The script will retrieve user details along with their last login timestamps.
          3. Export the query results to a desired format (e.g., CSV) for further analysis or reporting purposes.


          By utilizing the provided script, Epicor ECM administrators can efficiently generate an exported user list enriched with last login details. This facilitates user management and enhances visibility into user activity within the ECM system.

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