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Deploying DocSTAR ECM Client via MSI Files: Windows Group Policy, SCCM, and More


Learn how to effectively deploy the DocSTAR ECM Client Version 22.2.128 using MSI files. This guide outlines the step-by-step process for successful deployment. For assistance or more information, don’t hesitate to contact Mosaic Support at support@mosaiccorp.com.

Note: Tailor the instructions based on the version and requirements of your deployment.

For optimum results in deploying DocSTAR ECM Client via MSI files, follow these instructions. This guide is tailored for version 22.2.128 and offers comprehensive steps for Windows Group Policy, SCCM, and other deployment methods.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Ensure a seamless deployment by following these steps in the specified order. For compatibility, determine the version of your Windows system (32-bit or 64-bit).

  1. Install Required Components:
    • Install the following files in the specified order:
      • SQL2014 ClrTypesx86.msi
      • SQL2014 ClrTypes.msi
      • SQL2014 SMOx86.msi
      • ImagingSupport.Accusoft.msi
      • ImagingSupport.Accusoft_64
      • Eclipse.Imaging64.msi
      • OcrSupport.Nuanace.msi
      • OcrSupport.Omnipage.msi
      • OcrSupport.Omnipage64.msi
      • ScanningSupport.EMC.msi
      • Eclipse.ClientService.msi
      • Eclipse.IntegrationProxy.msi
      • Eclipse.IntegrationProxy64.msi
      • Modules.OI.Setup.msi (Optional: Office Integration Plugin for users with Office Suite)
  2. Version Verification:
    • Ensure that the version installed matches the target version (22.2.128).
  3. Access Latest Version:


Deploying the DocSTAR ECM Client via MSI files is a streamlined process when you follow these instructions. For version 22.2.128, this guide covers Windows Group Policy, SCCM, and alternative deployment methods. For further support or queries, reach out to support@mosaiccorp.com. Your successful deployment starts here.

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