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How to Access PIF Tech Support for Epicor ECM Hosted Solution

PIF Tech Support Contact Information:

If you encounter any issues with the Epicor ECM Hosted solution provided by PIF Tech Services, our support teams are readily available to assist you. Here’s how you can reach out to your hosted provider. Please note that you can reach out to Mosaic Support team for support issues, and we will open a case with PIF Tech on your behalf.

If you have any questions regarding your hosting solution, support services, or the Epicor ECM and IDC products please reach out to support@mosaiccorp.com.

Live Chat Support:

    • Accessible from any PIF Hosted Customer site within the BuzzSpace.
    • Click on the Chat Bubble to initiate a direct live chat with our customer support team.
    • Please note: While the live chat option in the Epicor ECM dropdown connects you to Epicor’s Chat support, our direct live chat ensures direct assistance from PIF Tech support.

    Email Support:

      • Send your queries or concerns to support@piftech.com for email assistance.
      • Our support team will promptly respond to provide the necessary assistance.

      Help Desk:

        • Access our help desk to view and manage your support cases effectively.
        • Visit https://help.piftech.com/support/login/ to access the help desk portal.
        • If it’s your first time accessing the portal, register your Mosaic Email Address.
        • For any issues with registration or access, contact us at support@piftech.com for further assistance.

        Phone Support:

          • Reach our support team via phone at 603-622-2122 if you prefer direct communication.
          • Our support representatives are available during operational hours to assist you.

          Please note that you can contact Mosaic support at support@mosaiccorp.com for any assistance. If you need assistance directly with your hosted solution you can use the contact information provided above for PIF Tech Support.

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