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How to Create an Integrated URL

How to Perform Advanced Searches on Your Servername

To efficiently navigate and retrieve documents on your server or cloud, you can utilize advanced search functionalities provided by the system. Below are examples of different search scenarios along with the corresponding search URLs.

Search Using Quick Search with Single Word Value:

    • Example: Searching for documents with a single word value of “R1247”.
    • URL: https://yourservername/#Retrieve/search/qs/R1247

    Search for Document with Title and Keywords:

      • Example: Searching for a document with Title=Hello AND Keywords=well.
      • URL: https://yourservername/#Retrieve/search/qs/Title:Hello%20AND%20Keywords:well

      Search for Document with Special Character in Content Field:

        • Example: Searching for a document where Description1 Content Field includes “12/2014”, with the special character / URL encoded as %2F.
        • URL: https://yourservername/#Retrieve/search/qs/Description1:12%2F2014

        Search for Document with Space in Content Field Name:

          • Example: Searching for a document with Invoice Number = INV1000, where the content field name contains a space and is enclosed in %22 with spaces replaced by %20.
          • URL: https://yourservername/#Retrieve/search/qs/%22Invoice%20Number%22:INV1000

          Search for Document by Content Field Value:

            • Example: Searching for a document with TestText = INV1000.
            • URL: https://yourservername/#Retrieve/search/qs/TestText:INV1000

            To automatically open the documents after searching, append /autoOpen to the end of the search URL. For instance, https://yourservername/#Retrieve/search/qs/Title:Hello/autoOpen.


            If the user is not logged into the Eclipse session, they will be prompted to login before the search results are displayed in the browser.

            By utilizing these search techniques, you can efficiently find and access the documents you need on your server or cloud platform.

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