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Resolving Duplicate ID Exception in Package Workflow’s “Add Slots” Task


Encountering a Duplicate ID exception while utilizing the “Add Slots” task within a Package Workflow can disrupt smooth workflow execution. This issue demands a solution to ensure seamless progress through the workflow.


To overcome the Duplicate ID exception and ensure successful workflow execution, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Introduce an Inverted “Wait for SlotsReady” Task

  • After the “Add Slots” task, include a “Wait for SlotsReady” task.
  • Check the “INVERTED” option within the “Wait for SlotsReady” task settings.

2. Add Another “Wait for SlotsReady” Task

  • Immediately after the first “Wait for SlotsReady” task, introduce another instance of the “Wait for SlotsReady” task.
  • In this case, do not enable the “INVERTED” option.

3. Workflow Progression

  • The initial “Wait for SlotsReady” task with the “INVERTED” option will create a specific condition.
  • This condition enables the workflow to progress beyond the “Add Slots” task without encountering the Duplicate ID exception.
  • The subsequent “Wait for SlotsReady” task, without the “INVERTED” option, ensures that the workflow waits for the required slots to complete before advancing further.


By implementing the two-step approach outlined above, you can effectively address the Duplicate ID exception that occurs during the “Add Slots” task within a Package Workflow. This solution optimizes workflow execution and ensures that required slots are managed appropriately. Following these steps will enhance the overall functionality and reliability of your Package Workflow processes.

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